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Within the Panamanian investment infrastructure, Tower Trust can provide its clients with their trading needs, as well as the peace of mind that many clients require from the fact that a governmental watchdog agency is overseeing the firm while at the same time their account privacy is completely intact.  

As an INTERNATIONAL Clearing Firm, the company can provide clients worldwide with not only extremely accurate and fast executions like that of any Chicago, New York ,or London based clearing firm, but also with the privacy and security that so many of our clients have come to require in their offshore trading accounts.

Tower Trust takes pride in the fact that it has built its client base on the principles of exclusivity and professional service with Client Segregated Accounts maintained at International Commercial Banks known and highly respected worldwide.

In its capacity as clearing firm and/or market maker it maintains the client’s accounts from all aspects; it fills all orders (Buy & Sell) either as the counterparty or clearing agent for derivate option contracts in the world market.

Panama's Offshore Financial Sector
Panama's offshore jurisdiction offers a wide array of excellent financial services, including offshore banking, the incorporation of offshore companies, registration of ships and the formation of Panama trusts and foundations. There are no taxes imposed on offshore companies that only engage in business outside of the jurisdiction. Offshore companies incorporated in Panama, and the owners of the companies, are exempt from any corporate taxes, withholding taxes, income tax, capital gains tax, local taxes, and estate or inheritance taxes, including gift taxes. Panama offers an additional benefit not available in many offshore tax havens: being able to conduct business within the offshore jurisdiction. However, any business conducted within the jurisdiction is subject to local taxes.
Financial Privacy
There are extensive laws in Panama to protect corporate and individual financial privacy. Strict confidentiality laws and regulations apply to documentation of offshore corporations, trusts and foundations, with severe civil and criminal penalties for violations of confidentiality. The names of corporate shareholders are not required to be publicly registered. Panama also has very strict banking secrecy laws. Panamanian banks are prohibited from sharing any information about offshore bank accounts or account holders. The only exception is a specific Panamanian court order in conjunction with a criminal investigation.
Panama has few tax treaties with countries that have strong economic ties to it, further protecting the financial privacy of offshore banking clients who are citizens of other nations. Panama also offers the benefit of having no exchange controls. This means that for individual clients of Panama's offshore banking, as well as for offshore business entities incorporated in Panama, there are no limits or reporting requirements on money transfers into or out of the country.



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